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We must remain realistics, rooted in the reality, and together dreamers, not to remain unintentional victims of the real world.

Björn Larsson was born in Jönköping (Sweden) in 1953, and is a lecturer in French literature at the University of Lund. Larsson – philologist, translator and an enthusiastic sailor – is one of Sweden's best-known authors, and is also well-known in Italy. With his considerable narrative skills, Larsson considers literature as "a place where it is possible to experiment with other lives, other thoughts, other identities and other passions, a place where it is possible to accept and face up to real challenges".

His books – in which he occasionally abandons the classic novel form to recount his own experiences – are rich in absorbing storylines, and written in a fast-paced style to express the search for freedom and truth that animate his characters. He is one of Sweden's best-known Swedish authors, and is widely read in Italy.

His works, which have been translated into several languages, have earned Larsson numerous prizes and accolades including the Grinzane Biamonti Prize, the Elsa Morante Award, the Cultura del Mare international prize, the Boccaccio in Europe award in Italy, as well as the prestigious Prix Médicis in France.



The True Story of Long John Silver, 1998
The Celtic Ring, 2000
The Harbour of Crossed Dreams, 2001
The Evil Eye, 2002
The Wisdom of the Sea, 2003
The Secret of Inga, 2005
The Need for Freedom, 2007
Eight Characters Searching for Something (with Author), 2009
Dead poets never write mystery stories. A sort of mystery story, 2011
Long John Silver's Final Adventure, 2013
Shipboard Log of a Sailor, 2014
Tales of the Sea, 2015

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