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Chiudi Prosegui

Harmonies and languages

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The GNU QUARTET in concert
Raffaele Rebaudengo, viola
Francesca Rapetti, flute
Roberto Izzo, violin
Stefano Cabrera, cello

According to an ancient African legend, the gnu is a cross between various species of animal.
The extremely rare Italian Gnu, too, is the result of a curious blend of different musical identities. The result is a stage animal with the body of a classical musician, the brain of a jazz player and the hooves of a rocker.

Gnu Quartet
The Gnu Quartet was formed in 2006, and has performed both in Italy and abroad, working with several well-known Italian and international musicians.
The Quartet has recorded five albums: Gnu quartet (2006), Il diverso sei tu (2007), Something Gnu (2011), muse_ic (2013), Karma (2014) and Untitled (2017).

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Saturday 17 March – 08.45 pm
Pordenone – San Francesco Convent
Admission €15,00 (numbered seats)