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Chiudi Prosegui

Prelude to Dedica

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This year's edition features a "Festival within the Festival", leading in to the week-long Festival itself, which becomes a trip to Afghanistan, Atiq Rahimi's home country, with numerous participants, books, exhibitions, readings, film screenings, as well as meetings with the numerous guests, all leading figures in various cultural rôles in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the neighbouring Veneto Region.

The calendar of events – from 16 February to 7 March, 2018 – takes place in locations in Pordenone, Udine, Azzano Decimo, Codroipo, Gruaro, Porcia and Sacile.

Free admission to all events

A CERCARE LA MIA CHIAVE (Looking for my key)
mise en espace
edited by the La Ruota Association from Gruaro

A historical and personal look inside the life and literary horizons of Atiq Rahimi, at his reflections on Afghanistan – a Country that is beautiful, damned and contradictory – on the value of the Word in saving mankind and the meaning of exile. An experience that becomes an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the identity of the man and the writer.
Rahimi's voice is accompanied by those of other writers of the past and present, all of whom inspired him or have written on similar subjects.

Friday 16 February, 08.45 pm
Giai di Gruaro (Venezia)
Villa Ronzani
Piazza Giuseppe Verdi 1


KABUL E DINTORNI (Kabul and the surrounding neighbourhood)
inauguration of an exhibition of photographs by Romano Martinis
curated by Cristina Burelli

The Liberia Martincigh bookshop hosts an exhibition of photographs from Afghanistan by Romano Martinis, a photographer from Udine, and includes images of a Country that the Western world fails to understand or, perhaps more accurately, simply ignores, in the conviction that there cannot be any alternative to the atrocities of war. Martinis' photos are not just a sort of travelogue, but describe a martyred population which expresses the hope of a better future in the work of its craftsmen and the smiles of its children.
Exhibition open until 3 March. Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30 - 12.30 / 16.00 - 19.00

Saturday 17 February, 06.00 pm
Libreria Martincigh
Via Gemona 40


SOTTO UN CIELO DI STOFFA (Beneath a fabric sky)
Female attorneys in Kabul
meeting with Cristiana Cella and Carla Dazzi
presented by Daniele Zongaro in Porcia
presented by Anna Dazzan in Udine

Sotto un cielo di stoffa provides a vivid commentary on the significance of being a woman in Afghanistan. During the course of her travels, the author gathered an enormous quantity of information and numerous interviews. The results of her efforts are narrated in an anthology of stories of abuse and courage, of ordinary women and young attorneys who battle against injustice. The book includes a photographic section which documents the country from 1980 to the present day, with photographs by Carla Dazzi, Cristiana Cella and Hanna Hardmeier.

Tuesday 20 February, 08.45 pm
Porcia (Pordenone)
Auditorium R. Diemoz
via delle Risorgive 3

Wednesday 21 February, 06.00 pm
Sede Fondazione Friuli
Palazzo Contarini, Via Manin 15


LA TERRA CHE NON C'É (The land that does not exist)
Afghan nocturne for women's voices
narrated by Angelo Floramo
live music by Paolo Forte
produced by Thesis-Dedicafestival

Three woman, three stories, three moments in the troubled existence of a man-made land that was born on the table of international treaties, and yet a country with ancient roots, caught between the ferocity and beauty of a cruel and bloody destiny.
The narrator is a woman. A melologue in which the voice interweaves with the music, almost a bridge whispered on the edge of reality, where the ruggedness of the Desert meets the heart-rending beauty of the Sunrise.

Thursday 22 February, 08.45 pm
Codroipo (Udine)
Ristorante Il Nuovo Doge
Villa Manin, Passariano
Via dei Dogi 2

Saturday 3 March, 08.45 pm
Sacile (Pordenone)
Ospitale di San Gregorio
Via G. Garibaldi 62

Tuesday 6 March, 08.45 pm
Tiezzo di Azzano Decimo (Pordenone)
Sala Enal
Via Piave 1


meeting with Fausto Biloslavo
presented by Claudio Cattaruzza

The journalist's job is to observe what happens on the front line in person and so to report it. Their choice of work is motivated by their convictions and passion, as well as a willingness to put themselves on the line and take real risks. In a career spanning more than three decades, Fausto Biloslavo has written more than 5,000 articles and witnessed all the major theatres of war in the world.
His experience in Afghanistan was especially dramatic. In 1987, after completing a long news story about the Mujahideen fighters under for military commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, Biloslavo was arrested and held in jail for more then seven months by the pro-Soviet government troops.

Thursday 22 February, 06.15 pm
Sede Oceano Servizi CGN
Via Jacopo Linussio 1/B


LO SGUARDO SOSPESO (An outsider's view)
An itinerant reading of Atiq Rahimi's works
organized by Andrea Visentin
readings by Carla Manzon

An itinerant reading hosted by five bookstores in Udine, to bring us closer to the work of Atiq Rahimi and begin to comprehend his literary world. During the course of these readings, the public can explore the author's narrative through the outsider's view of an exile who finds the inspiration for a powerful and evocative literary style in the suffering and contradictions of his people.
Departure from Il Caffè dei Libri bookstore in Via Poscolle 65.

Saturday 24 February, 05.00 pm
Il Caffè dei Libri, La Feltrinelli, Libreria Friuli,
Libreria Moderna Udinese, Libreria Odòs


AFGHANISTAN… PER DOVE… (Afghanistan... from the inside...)
inauguration of photographic exhibition by Carla Dazzi
presented by Adriana Lotto

Carla Dazzi's photographs recount her numerous humanitarian trips to Afghanistan. Her enormous volume of work during the course of her long career is the basis for this exhibition, which reveals the delicate but at the same time bright light "of a Country inhabited by men and women who, in spite of living in a war zone, seek out solutions other than those based on military strength and the use of violence".
Exhibition open until 23 March. Monday to Friday, 8.20 - 13.30 / 14.30 - 16.50

Tuesday 27 February, 06.00 pm
Crédit Agricole Friuladria
Palazzo Cossetti, Piazza XX Settembre 2


AFGHANISTAN E OLTRE... (Afghanistan and beyond)
meeting with Emanuele Giordana
presented by Claudio Cattaruzza

For generations, Afghanistan has been a Country with a special fascination, a mysterious and bewitching place leading travellers to the delights of the Far East.
This carefree trip from the 1970s is in total contrast with current situation in a Country ravaged by decades of war.

Wednesday 28 February, 06.00 pm
Biblioteca Civica
Piazza XX Settembre 11


VIAGGIO ALL'EDEN (Voyage to Eden)
From Milan to Katmandu
meeting with Emanuele Giordana
presented by Sarah Gaiotto

A long-distance traveller, following his passion and as part of his work, returns to the 1970s route to Katmandu: the Great Voyage to India undertaken first as a young student and now, after four decades, as a professional journalist. The author leafs through pages of notes in his well-worn notebook – delving into his memory and drawing comparisons with the transformation that has taken place in the region which, since the end of the Cold War, has been ravaged by conflicts and economic turmoil, as well as hordes of tourists....

Thursday 1 March, 06.00 pm
Libreria Tarantola
Via Vittorio Veneto 20


IL PAESE DEGLI ALBERI INCANTATI (The Country of the enchanted trees)
reading for children by Maria Balliana
A fable which describes the powerful magic of a kind gesture and recounts Afghanistan and the beauty and poetry which reigned prior to the commencement of the wars which have since ravaged Atiq Rahimi's Country. The students of the junior classes of the Balliana-Nievo Middle School will discover the country through stories and images, accompanied by the music of Maria Balliana.

Saturday 3 March, event to be held at the "Balliana-Nievo" Middle School in Sacile.
Sacile (Pordenone)
Auditorium, Balliana-Nievo Middle School
Viale Pietro Zancanaro, 56


(A)FGHANISTAN: UN ÉTAT IMPOSSIBLE? ([A]fghanistan: an impossible State?)
documentary film by Atiq Rahimi
Netherlands/France 2002, 52 min.
Italian sub-titles
introduction by Cristiano Riva

The word "Afghanistan" means "land of the Afghan people". Without the first 'A', "fghanistan" means "land of wailing and screaming". The events that have taken place over the history of the Country have, unhappily, given the second word a prophetic ring.
The documentary, put together brilliantly and with unerring accuracy by Atiq Rahimi, alternates archive film footage, interviews with prominent politicians and comments concerning the future of his own family, and is intended to narrate the various events and re-forge the links with his own identity.

Wednesday 7 March, 08.45 pm
Piazza Maestri del Lavoro 3


The events of Dedica festival prelude are realized:

with the support of
Fondazione Friuli
Comune di Azzano Decimo
Servizi CGN
Crédit Agricole Friuladria

under the patronage of
Comune di Porcia
Comune di Sacile

in collaboration with
Associazione La Ruota Gruaro
Associazione Insieme si può
Purlilium Act
Biblioteca Civica Pordenone
Librerie in Comune – Udine
Caffè Letterario Codroipese
UTE di Sacile e Altolivenza
Scuola secondaria di primo grado “Balliana-Nievo” Sacile


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