DEDICA FESTIVAL - P. IVA 01510360934

Each year, Dedica Festival presents an internationally renowned personality in the field of culture with the goal of illustrating his/her work under every possible perspective. It organises a cultural itinerary made of interviews, performances, cinema, music and exhibitions, offering the public the chance of coming in contact with different words and ideas; it is up to the spectator whether to accept them, or else disagree, in an art-mediated debate.

Dedica Festival is a great opportunity to get to know worldly renowned authors, thorough their intellectual pathway and personal life.

Students from the town and Province of Pordenone are also involved in the Festival through the project Dedica Scuola, as the organisers consider putting young people in contact with culture and passing on their love for literature, theatre, music and art a personal mission. Hence why the Festival is among the subscribers to the Carta Giovani of the Municipality of Pordenone, whose goal is helping citizens aged 14 to 30 availing themselves of cultural events and education.

The Dedica project, which is jointly financed by a number of important public and private bodies, is promoted and organised by Thesis Associazione Culturale's members, who deal with the organisational, artistic, administrative and institutional aspects, in accordance to their expertise. Thesis' staff is reduced to the minimum, while a large part of the work for the Festival's preparation is done by the Associazione's members, who work for free.

Claudio Cattaruzza is the Festival's curator.

The event has won many awards, among which, the President of the Italian Republic's Silver Medal.